The Savvy & The Chic Vol.8: Playa (Compiled By Hektor Thillet) (2011)

    The Savvy & The Chic Vol.8: Playa (Compiled By Hektor Thillet) (2011)
    Artist: VA
    Title Of Album: The Savvy & The Chic Vol.8: Playa (Compiled By Hektor Thillet)
    Year Of Release: 2011
    Label: Savvy & Chic
    Genre: Chill Out, Lounge, Downtempo, Electronic
    Quality: mp3
    Total Length: 02:36:55
    Bitrate: 320kbps
    Total Size: 260 Mb


    Session One: Marejada
    01 Beaches (Texas Radio Fish)
    02 Just One Night - Fourstones Sunday Stylistic Mix (Jeremy Carr)
    03 Arena Blanca (Hektor Thillet;CDK ft. Silvia O & SUKI)
    04 Perfect & Beautiful (Fadi Harb)
    05 If I (Loveshadow ft J.Lang)
    06 Favor Tweet - Rhythm Boy Remix (Anji Bee)
    07 Que Pena / Tanto Faz - Lingeree;s Disco Depth Mix (Elias May ft Tamy)
    08 Waves of Grace - Mickey Jello's New Dawn Remix (Jen Someone)
    09 Soldier - TRZ Dub Version (DJ Vadim)
    10 Lucy Jane (Mseq ft Leza 2unes)
    11 Porque (Calling Sister Midnight ft Cdala)
    12 I (don't) know why (DJ.E-State ft Radio Zero)
    13 Un Hombre Solo - Onlymeith's Monkey Mix (Gunne)
    14 Bring it to me (Kojo Akusa ft Calling Sister Midnight)
    15 Meditacion al Paso (Emsu Haja ft Todo Mundo)
    16 I Just Wanna Be Naked - Hektor Thillet Edit (Etherdust ft MC Jack In The Box)
    17 Echo (Gillies ft A.M. mews)
    18 Crazy Love (Loveshadow ft Frank Carter III)
    19 Midnight Theme - CDK

    Session Two: La Calma
    01 Solace - Rewob
    02 Transatlantico House'teppa - Oficina Musica Digital
    03 Water Can Jazz - Texas Radio Fish
    04 Got to chill (return mix) - Magic Moon
    05 I Fear The Fear (2.24 mix) - Neil Crowe
    06 Future shock - Kojo Akusa beat rebel remix (Kcentric)
    07 I can see - Beckfords
    08 Lujos (Hektor Thillet; Elias May ft Chidori-San)
    09 Jazzyk (Fourth Day Of the Condor) - Dydjej Inja
    10 Refuse to Give Up (Donkey Horse Mule ft MiElle
    11 Troubled Times (Basematic ft Spinningmerkaba)
    12 No Body Here With Me - xXSILENT_DREAMXx
    13 Perla Negra ( Nodea & DJ Vadim FT Hektor Thillet)
    14 Inside Outside (Destinazione Altrove ft Snowflake)
    15 Not Enough (Sturzstrom ft J.Mitchell)
    16 Cocoa Mantra (Hektor Thillet; Mseq ft Effluence, Leza2unes)
    17 Tears of a Tin-Man (Koan ft J.Mitchell)
    18 Robot Love/imádlak (Spinmeister ft Essesq)
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