Bikini Lounge: A Sensual Selection of Bossa and Caribbea

    Bikini Lounge: A Sensual Selection of Bossa and Caribbea
    Artist: VA
    Title: Bikini Lounge a Sensual Selection of Bossa and Caribbea
    Year Of Release: 2011
    Label: Chet Records
    Genre: Lounge / Easy Listening / Bossa Nova
    Bitrate: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
    Total Time: 135:44 min
    Total Size: 234,10 MB

    A tribute to the bikini! Lounge, Bossa & carribean cover versions of tracks by original artists such as Bob Marley, The Police, Rolling Stones, U2, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Simple Minds and many others.

    In 1953, Marilyn Monroe, in prudish America, and Brigitte Bardot in Cannes during the film festival, created a sensation, when they first appeared publicly in bikinis. The final breakthrough for the then outrageous sexy beach wear followed by Ursula Andress legendary performance in "James Bond Dr. No".
    "Sex Sells" was the new slogan of the advertising industry in the '60s, which had triggered the bikini. "Bikini Lounge" is meant both as a musical tribute to this wonderful piece of clothing that has changed the world in such a positive way. Secondly, the album title serves as a motto for the linking of sexy, Caribbean and South American songs and productions in the summer and sensuous lounge style. An acoustic cocktail at a beautiful beach bar at sunset, enjoyed with old friends, new flirt friends or great loves. Songs like "No Woman No Cry" or "Do not Speak" are letting here, in the lascivious Bossa Lounge garment, forget the day and transfer the listener from his own world directly to Brazil or Jamaica. Well-known hits like "Every Breath You Take," "I Still Haven't Found" or "Holding Back the Years" are now presented with South American swing of the hips and light-footed elegance. And so the "Bikini Lounge" is a welcome double CD to celebrate the beginning of summer, but i s also applied as placebo in the autumn and winter to extend the summer endlessly further. Ursula Andress original bikini in "Dr. No" was sold in 2001 for 60,000 dollars to a collector. So much, fortunately, needs not be paid for the "Bikini Lounge", at least not in 2011.

    01 Urban Love Ft Astrud C and Moana - No woman no cry 04:48
    02 Karen Souza - Do you really want to hurt me 03:46
    03 Sarah Menescal - time after time 03:32
    04 The Cooltrane Quartet - holdin back the years 03:59
    05 Jamie Lancaster and Karen Souza - billy jean 03:36
    06 Ltuana - Waiting in vain 05:01
    07 James Farreli- in the air tonight 04:47
    08 48th St Collective- sweet dreams 02:32
    09 Stella Starlight Trio - Dont you 03:17
    10 Michelle Simonal - Stir it up 03:43
    11 Dual Sessions - Positive vibration 05:03
    12 48th St Collective - Missing 03:45
    13 Stella Starlight Trio - tainted love 03:16
    14 Jamie Lancaster - It Aint Over Till Its Over 03:04
    15 Amazonics - Lets Spend The Night Together 03:55
    16 Sao Vicente - Angie 03:44
    17 The Cooltrane Quartet- like a virgin 04:12
    18 Michelle Simonal - (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction 03:32

    01 Sarah Menescal - Dont Speak 04:15
    02 Sao Vicente - I shot the sheriff 03:30
    03 Karen Souza - every breath you take 02:50
    04 Amazonics - Redemption song 04:13
    05 Michelle Simonal- with or without you 03:45
    06 George White Group- nothing compares to you 03:53
    07 Apollinare Rossi - I still havent found 03:26
    08 Groove Da Praia - Is this love 03:27
    09 The Cooltrane Quartet - Wonderwall 04:11
    10 Stella Starlight Trio - Black Hole Sun 03:41
    11 Ltuana - Smells Like Teen Spirit 04:24
    12 Jamie Lancaster- boys dont cry 03:15
    13 Anakelly - Under My Thumb 02:48
    14 Cassandra Beck - material girl 02:57
    15 Groove Da Praia - Miss You 04:29
    16 Sao Vicente Ft Ltuana - Don't Cry 03:59
    17 Jazzystics - walking on sunshine 03:23
    18 Sawa - Get up stand up 03:46
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