Buddha-Bar, Vol. 1 by Claude Challe (2003)

    Buddha-Bar, Vol. 1 by Claude Challe (2003)
    Artist: Claude Challe
    Album: Buddha-Bar, Vol. 1
    Release Date: 2003
    Label: Chall'O Music
    Type: Mix
    Genre: Electronic, Lounge
    Format: MP3 320 kbps
    Size: 340 MB

    Paris's glitzy nightspot Buddha Bar is best known for its signature ambient environments, which are available in elaborately packaged, pricey, and popular CD compilations. This offering consists of two sections: "Buddha's Dinner," which is designed to accompany a deluxe dining experience, and "Buddha's Party," which is more groove-oriented. Although the selections are inspired by and built upon traditional music, mostly from Asia and South America, fans of club-oriented world music are advised to check out edgier electronica by Cheb I Sabbah, TransGlobal Underground, and Aisha Kandisha. But those who adore the likes of Deep Forest and Enigma will contentedly chill to these tracks.


    Disc: 1
    [01]. Weather Strom - Claude Challe, Armstrong, Craig
    [02]. Straight to the Heart - Claude Challe, Vodjani, Sina
    [03]. Kitu - Claude Challe, Deepak Ram
    [04]. Anni Rose - Claude Challe, Pikell, Dave
    [05]. What Will Be? - Claude Challe, Barak, Doudou
    [06]. The Merciful One - Claude Challe, Baron, Erran
    [07]. La Soledad - Claude Challe, Chopin, F.
    [08]. Un Bel Di - Claude Challe, Hrigorov, M.
    [09]. Une Table À Trois - Claude Challe, DJ Moe Love
    [10]. El Fuego (Trote King Mix) - Claude Challe, DJ Moe
    [11]. Shalom - Claude Challe, Nemeth, Gergely
    [12]. Guru Bramha - Claude Challe, Uttal, Jai
    [13]. Meena Devi (Goddess) - Claude Challe, Markus, Mitchell
    [14]. Gypsy Rain - Claude Challe, Chakmakian, Armen

    Disc: 2
    [01]. 68 [Original Mix] - Claude Challe, Nemeth, Gergely
    [02]. Touareg - Claude Challe, Mignot, D.
    [03]. Skin [Original Abstract Mix] - Claude Challe, Leach, Christiane
    [04]. Drifting Away [Paradiso Mix] - Claude Challe, Rollo & Sister Blis
    [05]. Psique - Claude Challe, Francesco & Sotomay
    [06]. Two Wrongs Making It Right - Claude Challe, Yost, Kevin
    [07]. Feeling Good - Claude Challe, Bricusse, Leslie
    [08]. All by Myself - Claude Challe, Carmen, Eric
    [09]. Flying High [Master at Work Brazilian Vocal Mix] - Claude Challe, Gonzales, K.
    [10]. Piya Re Piya Re [Remix] - Claude Challe, Khan, Nusrat Fateh
    [11]. Eshebo - Claude Challe, Khaled [1]
    [12]. Theme from Shaft - Claude Challe, Hayes, Isaac
    [13]. Elveda - Claude Challe, Arolat, Metin
    [14]. Desmasiado Corazon - Claude Challe, DeVille, Willy

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