Buddha Bar Vol.2 (Mixed By Claude Challe)

    Buddha Bar Vol.2 (Mixed By Claude Challe)
    Artist: Claude Challe
    Album: Buddha Bar, Vol. 2
    Release Date: Jul 25, 2000
    Label: Chall'O Music
    Type: Mix
    Genre: Electronic

    Claude Challe's Buddha-Bar, Vol. II compilation has elements of Far Eastern spirituality, African song, European electronica, and Spanish spice. The first album, Buddha-Bar, is very mellow for the most part. Deepak Chopra and Demi Moore, far and away the most recognizable names on the album, do a spoken word ditty on love and self-worth. People who are not fans of new age doctrine will appreciate artists such as Oliver Shanti and Consuelo Luz, both of whom contribute songs that manage to sound musical, spiritual and ethnic at once. The second album varies from hallucinatory to groovy to fairly high-energy. "Tears Inshalla" will appeal to fans of Eastern-influenced trance. Lyrics are of almost no importance on the album. They do exist on most tracks, but they bounce around from English to Portuguese to Arabic. Bits and pieces and snatches of phrases come through here and there -- just enough to make a listener feel in sync with it all. This music is intended to be an ambient journey, and while a few of the tracks seem to stray off into Never Never Land, the majority of them should appeal to fans of worldbeat.


    CD1 Buddha's Dinner

    1. Need You (Right Now) Ambient Mix - Trumpet Thing
    2. I Love You - Omar Faruk Tekbilek
    3. Los Bilbilicos (The Nightingales) - Consuelo Luz
    4. Alibaba - Karunesh
    5. Desire - Deepak Chopra
    6. In Through Time - Govinda
    7. Onon Mweng (Rainbird) - Oliver Shanti & Friends
    8. Spirit - Atman
    9. Funky For You - Deadbeats
    10. Mambo Craze - De-Phazz
    11. Amor Amor - Nino
    12. Smell Of Paradise - Sa Trincha
    13. Farruca - Intro
    14. Nota Bossa - Funky Lowlives

    CD2 Buddha's Party

    1. How Insensitive - Sun Trust
    2. Daydreaming - Rollercone
    3. A Loop InTime - Wally Brill
    4. Drama Of Japan - La Roca
    5. Cairo (Duke Monster Mix) - Great Barrier
    6. Tears Inshalla - Angel
    7. After - DZihan & Kamien
    8. Felicidade - Suba
    9. Logozo - Sidestepper
    10. Escravos De Jo - Kerri Chandler & Joe Clausell
    11. The String Thing - Soul Ascendants
    12. New World - Attaboy

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