Top 10 Romantic Movies 2012

    Rank 10: He’s Just Not That Into You
    Sometimes love works, and other times you need to take the hint - he’s just not that into you! Much like Love Actually, this film follows many different couples through break-ups, dating struggles and new found love.
    Rank 9: Peter Pan
    Peter Pan starring Jeremy Sumpter is a magical tale of adventure, wonder and, of course, young love.
    Rank 8: Just Like Heaven
    David falls in love with the spirit of a woman in a coma. Somehow, he must wake her before her family pulls the plug.
    Rank 7: Love Actually
    From love triangles to new crushes to troubled marriages, Love Actually follows the lives of many different people and shows how love can come in any form.
    Rank 6: The Holiday
    Brokenhearted, Amanda (from Los Angeles) and Iris (from London) need to escape their lives. They switch homes for two weeks and each discover a new love.
    Rank 5: 13 Going on 30
    On her 13th birthday, Jenna Rink makes a wish. The next morning she wakes up at age 30. And she doesn’t like the person she has become. Worst of all, her best friend Matt is getting married! Will confessing her love make him call off the wedding?
    Rank 4: Serendipity
    If it’s meant to be, love will find you. That’s what John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale learn in Serendipity, a movie about love and destiny.
    Rank 3: Tuck Everlasting
    Love hits you when you least expect it. In Tuck Everlasting, Winnie Foster is kidnapped by an immortal family, and finds herself falling deeply in love with their youngest son, Jesse.
    Rank 2: Twilight
    Forbidden love. It’s addicting and irresistible. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight starring Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart is a modern, fantastical twist on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

    Rank 1: The Notebook
    Like A Walk to Remember, The Notebook is based a novel written by the master of romantic fiction, Nicholas Sparks. If you enjoyed these films, then don’t miss Nicholas Sparks’s upcoming books-turned-film: Dear John and The Last Song.
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Royalty free music web sites

    Aggiungere musica a un sito web o produzioni video non è semplice, visti i numerosi vincoli legali a cui una traccia audio può essere legata.

    Musica libera da diritti, libera da tassa SIAE, è stata appositamente creata per risolvere questo problema. Tutto ciò che dovete fare è pagare una volta sola (per ogni traccia) e poi potrete usarla nel vostro progetto e distribuirlo quante volte vorrete, senza preoccuparvi di pagare diritti d'autore al compositore della musica stessa.

    Queste creazioni musicali, di diversa durata, possono essere usate in animazioni Flash, java o HTML5 per siti web, in videoproduzioni aziendali su CD o DVD, in filmati educativi per scuole o musei, negli ascensori, in produzioni televisive e serie in DVD, negli esercizi commerciali (parrucchiere, sale d'attesa, etc...), in videogiochi per computer e cellulari (iPhone, Android, Nokia, etc...)

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    Tra i siti meno costosi presenti sul mercato, troviamo la presenza del sito, musica libera da copyright , che offre un'ampia selezione di musiche libere da diritti a prezzi veramente abbordabili.
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